Past Performance

Personality Matters, Inc. offers tools and services to help individuals and organizations achieve success at all levels through our science-based approach to people, data, process and technology.

Our experts are highly skilled professionals who assess, diagnose, design, implement and evaluate collaborative solutions tailored to each engagement.

We are an Atlanta-based small business and our firm has undertaken several federal projects successfully. In 2017, we were awarded a multi-year BPA to provide enterprise-wide executive and team coaching to the Department of Transportation. Our clients include GS-15 and SES level employees seeking individual and team leadership development.

Our clients include




Treasury Acquisition Institute

Accessibility and Compliance Analysis

Compliance Analysis Personality Matters, Inc. (PMI) was sub-contracted to support internal assessment, environmental scan, and a target audience survey of IRS. We provided insights into Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHOH) experience to ensure that DHOH users have reasonable and preferable accommodations to gain access to the IRS.

World Pay

Curriculum Design & Train-the-Trainer

The PMI team created instructional materials for a full suite of courses following the ADDIE design framework. PMI also trained the trainers at Worldpay for sustained implementation of the training. The series explored the team profile of Worldpay including individual personalities, motivations, communication, trust and overall culture. Grounded in research on communication and leadership, they featured presuppositions of communication, strategies for identifying and remedying communication biases and blind spots and opportunities to understand and apply related theories. In addition, the courses highlighted the needs and expectations of virtual teams, as well as the management of virtual team performance. Our team developed instructional materials including presentation slides, scripts, and instructor and participant guides, as well as Kirkpatrick’s Level 1 and Level 2 evaluation. We piloted the custom program in-house, and then conducted train-the-trainer sessions with the Worldpay training and development team.

Methodist South Hospital

Building a Culture of Compassion – Attitude is Everything Workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to teach how attitude affects every aspect of life, and to install Compassion Culture Coaching Skills to 777 Methodist South Hospital (MSH) Associates. PMI used action learning and a variety of creative exercises to engender engagement and understanding. Experiential learning techniques allowed associates to move beyond theory and into application and deeper learning. Associates were empowered to practice and reflect on their new strategies with support, thereby helping participants reinforce understanding and transfer the learning back on the job.

Army Management Staff College


Personnel Management Executive Program

Personality Matters, Inc. provided Leadership Assessments and training to 600 senior executives over span of 3 years. Our team also developed curriculum and delivered instruction as a member of the PME faculty. The learning exercises included action learning and an emphasis on experiential, real-world scenarios. PMI performed MBTI assessments and ODEE communication assessments (created by Dr. Cherry) to understand the Leadership goals of executives.