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SMEs use our proprietary science-based technologies to conduct quantitative and qualitative research solutions, including program evaluation. In today’s data-driven society, we’re able to provide the strategies and insights you need.
Our SMEs offer value added solutions with unrivalled certifications, qualifications and credentials. The PMI cornerstones are integrity, curiosity and compassion. We care about your agency and the solutions that we provide.

OAS Organizational Climate Assessment & Organizational Development

Personality Matters, Inc. (PMI) was contracted to support the organizational development of the CDC’s Office of Acquisition Services (OAS). After initial communication and collaborative goal setting with senior leadership, we adopted an Analysis, Diagnose, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation framework for our engagement. PMI took a consultative approach to enable an empowered Organization. With our capabilities on research and evaluation, the process was spread over multiple phases.

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