Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Cherry Collier

Dr. Cherry Collier, MCC, MCNLP is the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO) and Head Coach of Personality Matters, Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With more than 24 years of experience, her expertise propels people, teams and organizations to achieve their goals. She led the organizational change and human performance efforts for several $5+ million-dollar ventures. She has partnered with federal institutions, Fortune 500 companies and other multinationals in strategizing and implementing organization-wide leadership and executive coaching programs. She is a coach to CEOs, GS 14, 15 and SES employees, C-level executives, directors and other high-potential individuals and groups.

Adam Smith Consulting

Adam Smith, MBA, PCC, is an executive coach, facilitator, and organization consultant providing programs and services to global corporate, multilateral, federal, nonprofit, and college and university sector clients. His work is informed by over 25 years of experience, study, and research…


Anne Conlan, M.Ed., MCC is a dynamic coach and trainer who is passionate about helping managers and executives increase their leadership effectiveness. Ms. Conlan brings significant and innovative ideas to professional relationships and organizations for those looking to unleash hidden talent potential in the…..


Anne Kelly, PCC, CMC is a gifted Federal Executive coach, facilitator, trainer and mentor. She is an ICF Coach Competency Trainer. She organizes and leads the ICF Metro DC Chapter Facilitating Learning Community of Practice. She is wise, kind, compassionate and genuine.She listens deeply, asks insightful questions, demonstrates…..


Annette Hurley, MCC inspires the human spirit to lead, change and transform – in life and business. She is a strategic change leadership consultant, facilitator, and coach and mentor for both leaders and coaches and the businesses they serve. Her focus is on conscious change, mindful leadership, resilency and transformational coaching. Annette is a global thought leader

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Barbara Smith, PCC has worked for ICF International as an executive coach and consultant on numerous human capital projects for federal government agencies. She has extensive federal management experience in executive education, leadership coaching, and in a broad array of human capital management areas including…..


Jackie Radford, PCC is an executive coach and leadership consultant with a broad range of experience in coaching executives and management teams to next-level effectiveness and higher performance aligned with organizational and business goals. Jackie works with clients to shift mindsets and behaviors…


Jo Ann Lucero, ICF Professional Certified Coach, brings 35 years of experience in human resources, employee relations, and conflict management to her role as Executive Coach. During her many years as a manager, certified mediator, and advisor to senior executives and military officers in the volatile areas of employee and labor relations…..


Joel F. Andrews, PCC, NCC, MS has diverse experience as a leader and coach across a broad spectrum of sectors and organizations including Federal Government (SES Level Clients at DOT, FAA, Intelligence, Education, Defense/Military and Contracting) Financial Services and Banking, Healthcare, Education, Multi-media…..


Linda Raudenbush, Ph.D., PCC. Linda’s view is that coaching is a process-based experience. She partners with her client to facilitate positive change, which results in new attitudes, knowledge, skills, behaviors, ways of being and doing. She coaches her clients to examine themselves and their worlds from…..


Mark Sachs, PCC is an executive coach and organizational consultant who for more than 15 years have helped organizations reach their full potential. His coaching practice focuses on helping executives and managers develop their leadership skills including inspiring a shared vision for the organization, managing staff, communicating…..


Marshall Brown, PCC is an executive coach and organizational consultant who for more than 15 years have helped organizations reach their full potential. His coaching practice focuses on helping executives and managers develop their leadership skills including managing staff, communicating more effectively, fostering collaboration, taking risks, and handling stress.


Nicholas Bauman, MCC works with executives and organizations to facilitate greater clarity and growth in the areas of people, strategy, and performance. Nicholas has extensive experience in coaching senior executives in various industries and organizations, including Automotive, Energy, Information Technology, Telecommuni…..


Renee A. Brotman, MS, PCC provides coaching, facilitation, and consulting services to both the public and private sectors. Her clients have come from various technical arenas that include: health care, finance, procurement, hospitality, intelligence, and transportation. Renee has coached leaders around many different professional issues…..


Scott Masciarelli, MCC, BCC is an executive and global leadership coach with over 28 years of business and leadership experience in the United States, Latin America and Middle East. Scott understands what it takes to be a leader and encourages those he works with to embrace the responsibilities required to excel.


Sharon Keys Seal, PCC has been a professional certified executive coach and facilitator for 20+ years. Over the years, her work has evolved to focus on helping emerging leaders strengthen their communication, strategic and relational skills. She coaches very bright professionals who want to take their careers…..


Walt Hogan, MA, PCC is a credentialed Executive Leadership Coach who holds the Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is also an accredited Organizational Development (OD) consultant whose additional expertise is in the areas of leadership, management…..


Betsy Corley Pickren, M.Ed., CPCC, PCC, CMC : trailblazer, originator, leader. Pioneering leaders today envision a land of service, satisfaction, engagement and results. Do you inspire others? Are you invested in creating a collaborative environment that leverages all the strengths, experience and talent at your disposal?


D. Marlene Thomas, PCC has over 25 years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, organizational development and project management. Her coaching and consulting practice is dedicated to supporting individual employees and leaders as they build productive partnerships, teams and workplaces. Her areas of coaching specialty include leadership and executive development, career transition, personal and team effectiveness, and coach mentoring.


Dr. Nicole LaBeach is a Results Maven with over 15 years of proven experience in the areas of: executive coaching, change management, leader & organizational development, and diversity & inclusion. Her expansive background includes optimizing large-scale change efforts, cultivating leadership strengths and base-lining critical weaknesses, championing sustainable diversity and inclusion solutions, and leveraging business growth strategy


Mickey Parsons is founder of The Workplace Coach, where he and his colleagues provide executive coaching services for senior business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. As an executive leadership coach, Mickey draws on the principles of organizational development and coaching psychology to serve as a catalyst for clients who are ready to excel in their business and/or professional lives. He has coached more than two thousand leaders, from executives at Fortune 500 companies to local business owners, which total more than 20,000 hours of coaching.


L’ Lorenzo Seabrook, MBA, PCC, CTPC works with managers and leaders in the areas of leader development and team performance. He specializes in coaching, facilitation, and training services. Professional coaching is a natural fit as it complements his diverse and mature military background of developing leaders and shaping outcomes for over two decades. L’Lorenzo is known in the Intelligence, Special Forces, and Information Technology community as a leader and an outstanding team builder who conveys unvarnished perspectives, resulting in positive leadership actions and effective results.


Sandra Gregory, PCC, CDFM, MBA has over 25 years of experience in leadership and executive coaching, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), strategic human capital and business development.

She is a sought-after coach and has extensive coaching and consulting experience with clients from numerous organizations: a US Ambassador; executives from multi-billion international companies; accounting firms; HR firms; attorneys; clergy; major beverage distributor; American Red Cross; an IT start-up; National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Reserve Board and federal government leaders throughout the Departments of Defense (DoD), Veterans Affairs (VA), State, Agriculture, Justice, Commerce, Interior, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Homeland Security (DHS) and Transportation (Inspector General). She is committed to illuminating your leadership potential

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Known as the Creativity Whisperer, Dr. Nicole Harp, RCC helps leaders develop the mindset and habits essential to lead and sustain change.

Now more than ever, in the current climate of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), leaders must think and lead flexibly in order to innovate and thrive. Moreover, as work environments shift to hybrid, and people continue to seek meaning and belonging at work, leaders are called to use new lenses, adopt new skills, and implement new processes. Creativity isn’t “nice to have,” it’s a critical leadership skill.


Cheryl Stevens, PCC is passionate about partnering with clients to achieve and exceed their personal and organizational goals.

As an ICF professional certified coach, (PCC), Cheryl helps clients discover, develop, and deliver a more powerful and aligned version of themselves. Clients thrive by uncovering, supporting, and tapping into the greatness and capabilities that lie within. She has been coaching and mentoring leaders for nearly 15 years.