Our program is based on theories from psychology, leadership, and personality. We bring the theory of human behavior into our training to help you gain foundational principles needed to understand people. Our training uses adult learning principles to engage the mind and body. We offer active learning modules that help the learners immediately put the skills taught into action. We have application cases that can be reviewed and completed to keep your skills fresh and maximize class time.

Our Solution

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has defined 8 Core Competencies to provide a better
understanding of the skills and approaches that coaches should develop in today’s world.
1. Demonstrates Ethical Practice
2. Embodies a Coaching Mindset
3. Establishes and Maintains Agreements
4. Cultivates Trust and Safety
5. Maintains Presence
6. Listens Actively
7. Evokes Awareness
8. Facilitates Client Growth
The Coach Training program designed by Personality Matters provides methods, models, and tools to
support these competencies. Our trainings are engaging, interactive, and practical for all trainees.
Through guided activities, specific case studies, scenario-based, role-plays, and more, participants
learn to enhance their coaching skills. We enable each person to communicate, build trust and
respect, and coach effectively.