Methodist South Hospital
Attitude is Everything Workshop for Methodist South Hospital

August 2016 – October 2016

Project Description:

The training was to conduct workshop about how attitude affects every aspect of life and Compassion Culture Coaching Skills to 777 Methodist South Hospital (MSH) Associates.

Personality Matters, Inc. conducted the Attitude is Everything Workshop with a great emphasis on Action Learning to enhance learning and challenge participants throughout the workshop. PMI utilized creative exercises and activities to help participants understand the importance of positive attitude. Action Learning also provided time for participants to practice their new found attitude and help them implement in real world scenarios.

The participants were prepared for the workshop, presented with information, empowered to practice, and supported to perform thereby helping the participants transfer and reinforce the learning back on the job.

PMI Roles:

Based on the Workshop, the MSH Associates were able to
  • Understand why positive attitude is important.
  • Understand how positive attitude works.
  • Understand the obstacles to optimism
  • Learn and implement techniques to control mind and direct it towards positive avenues, to overcome your obstacles, and to develop positive thinking.

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