CDC’s Office of Acquisition Services (OAS)

Project Name: CDC Organizational Assessment, Development, and Coaching

Project Description:

Personality Matters, Inc. (PMI) was contracted to support the organizational development of the CDC’s Office of Acquisition Services (OAS). After initial communication and collaborative goal setting with senior leadership, we adopted an Analysis, Diagnose, Design, Implementation, and Evaluation framework for our engagement. A preliminary assessment of the climate of the Office of Acquisition Services was done.
  • Methods of assessment included listening sessions, in-depth and informal interviews, and the FIRO-B interpersonal assessment
  • Methods of analysis included a grounded theory approach with coding to identify recurring ideas and categorization of overarching themes
  • We provided a detailed report with actionable next steps.
We collaborated with leadership to begin preliminary implementation of high priority recommendations. Senior leadership and team leaders received rounds of strategic leadership coaching. While other employees participated in engagement sessions designed to improve communication and address employee concerns.

PMI Roles:

The PMI team did due diligence to conduct the climate assessment. Our team worked to rally participation: we met staff members one-by-one by walking the floor, and invited staff members individually to share their thoughts during listening hours. They did so, and have requested opportunities for this in the future.
  • Ongoing analysis of the person and organizational fit for leadership
  • Strategic planning and visioning for current leaders
  • Create and adopt standard operating procedures
  • Review and update criteria and processes for hiring and promotion

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