Army Management Staff College

Personnel Management Executive Program

Project Description:

Personality Matters, Inc. (PMI) was chosen to provide Leadership Assessments and training to 600 senior executives over span of 3 years.

As part of the Personnel Management Executive Program, Personality Matters, Inc. developed curriculum and trained 600 executives over span of 3 years. PMI instructor had the unique opportunity to be part of the PME faculty.

PMI performed MBTI assessment and ODEE communication assessment (created by Dr. Cherry) to understand the Leadership goals of executives. The Personnel Management Executive Program had great emphasis on Action Learning to enhance learning and challenge participants throughout the training. PMI utilized creative exercises and activities to help participants understand the Leadership skills and qualities. Action Learning also provided time for participants to practice their acquired Leadership skill and help them implement in real world scenarios.

September 27, 2011

PMI Roles:

Based on the training, the Army Management Staff College Senior Executives were able to:
  • Identify key characteristics of leaders
  • Learn about different models of Leadership
  • Avoid behaviors that undermine leadership
  • Build trust and confidence with employees
  • Promote teamwork and esprit de corps
  • Act decisively
  • Demonstrate leadership in a crisis

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