Dr. Nicole Collier Harp

VP For Research and Development

Dr. Harp is a trained journalist, educator and qualitative researcher.

She received her undergraduate degree in journalism from Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism, Media and Graphic Arts. A versatile writer of creative nonfiction, scholarly, dramatic and fiction works, Dr. Harp has been published locally, nationally and internationally, and has helped thought leaders work through the writing process to self-publish books and other resources.

She is an alumna of the National Writing Project, the country’s largest professional development program for writing teachers. She is also an alumna of the Op-Ed Project, where she learned to produce evidenced-based writing designed to influence thought and public opinion. She embeds core knowledge from both experiences to teach others to write their ideas with clarity, authority and personality.

An 18-year veteran of education, Dr. Harp earned the doctor of philosophy in Learning, Design and Technology from the University of Georgia (UGA). She employs her teaching and learning design skills to create meaningful learning experiences for a diverse range of audiences. Participants from government and corporate sectors alike have engaged face-to-face and digitally in her trainings.

She programmed a national wellness conference for four years, and has designed and written content for workshops, webinars, podcasts and courses. Her two-course certificate program on Instructional Design is currently taught through UGA’s Continuing Education Program.

Dr. Harp is also an accomplished facilitator. She has facilitated small and large group courses virtually and face-to-face, and has served as a mentor and coach for novice trainers. Specializing in leadership, communication, education and a variety of soft skills, Dr. Harp leverages the principles of adult learning in her trainings. She uses researched-based insights to help participants reflect on their own practices while refining them and adopting improved ways of working. Participants become more knowledgeable, more confident, and well-equipped to transfer their new learning in daily routines.

With a graduate certificate in interdisciplinary qualitative research, Dr. Harp also specializes in research design and implementation. Dr. Harp designs and conducts in-depth interviews, focus groups and observations while employing an intentional approach. She uses well-established methods to analyze qualitative data and identify novel and recurring themes. She leverages these insights to recommend, design and facilitate meaningful next steps for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Dr. Harp has supported organizational development initiatives including a series of focus groups for divisions within the CDC including the Surveillance Branch, Office of Grants Services, Office of Acquisition Services and Office of Management Services, and other agencies.

Prior to partnering with Personality Matters, D. Harp spent several years as a training and development consultant, working with clients throughout the state of Georgia. She provided support through a combination of in-person workshops, webinars, and individual coaching.

A tech-savvy communicator, Dr. Harp collaborates across a variety of content management systems and media platforms. She partners with thought leaders and executives, helping them produce books and other materials for publication.

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