Dr. Nicole Collier Harp
VP and Creativity & Design Officer

Nicole Harp, Ph.D.
A qualitative researcher, learning designer and brain-based coach, Dr. Nicole Harp partners with executives and high performers to lead change initiatives through creative problem solving, strategic visioning, storytelling, and design thinking.

Now more than ever, in the current climate of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), leaders must think and lead flexibly in order to innovate and thrive. Moreover, as work environments shift to hybrid, and people continue to seek meaning and belonging at work, leaders are called to use new lenses, adopt new skills, and implement new processes. Known as the Creativity Whisperer, Dr. Harp helps leaders develop the mindset and habits essential to lead and sustain change.
Dr. Harp earned the doctor of philosophy in Learning, Design and Technology from the University of Georgia (UGA). Her scholarly work, largely inspired by Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, focused on the ways young people make meaning through dialogue. She found that adults silenced and excluded voices when they failed to practice active listening, welcome diverse perspectives, or ask authentic questions. As a strategist and brain-based coach, she helps leaders examine their own habits to create more space for genuine dialogue and the inclusive conversations required in modern workplaces.

Prior to partnering with Personality Matters, Dr. Harp spent several years as a teacher, adjunct professor and training and development consultant, working with learners of all ages throughout the state of Georgia. Now, as strategist and certified coach, she aims to help busy professionals lead happier, more authentic lives. In particular, she partners with executives and high potential leaders to explore and master issues of Mindset and Habits, Attentional Control/Mindfulness, Productivity/Performance, Goal Setting and Visioning, Creativity/Creative Problem Solving, Authentic Dialogue, and Inquiry-based Leadership and Work/Life Balance.

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