Walt Hogan, MA, PCC

Walter Hogan

WALT HOGAN is a credentialed Executive Leadership Coach who holds the Professional Coaching Credential (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is also an accredited Organizational Development (OD) consultant whose additional expertise is in the areas of leadership, management and team development, as well as staff development. Walt’s other expertise’s are in the areas of career and performance management, conflict management, inclusion management and strategic customer satisfaction development.


For over 25 years Walt has provided a wide range of OD, human resource development and executive leadership coaching interventions for both public, non-profit and private enterprises.


Walt has worked as an OD consultant and executive and leadership coach with Federal organizations such as:

    • National Gallery of Art


    • DOT


    • Home Land Security


    • NIH, FAA


    • FOH, NIH


    • WMATA, Veteran Administration and Smithsonian Institute



Walt has worked in several managerial positions in both the State of Virginia and the County of Fairfax. In addition, he has held several senior management positions within Cable and Wireless (C&W), a multinational telecommunication company based in the United Kingdom. At C&W Walt coached professionals utilizing 360° multi-rater instruments. In addition, Walt coached over 1,000 managers and leaders. Walt has worked with a variety of clients in senior positions both Federal, local governments, as well as private industry. With titles such as Director, Deputy Director, Treasure, Chief of Administration, Executive Director, Division Director, CEO, CFO, and CIO


Walt started his executive coaching and OD consulting practice in May 2003. Through the use of effective coaching techniques, Walt helps his clients transfer effective behaviors identified, back into the workplace and life. His passion is working with clients who are stuck on issues that are holding them back from reaching their goals; whether that is to become an effective leader or just finding successful approaches to committing to particular goals in life.



Walt is a proud honors graduate in Business Administration from STRAYER University. Walt has a Master of Arts degree from Marymount University in the field of Human Resource Development. At George Washington University Walt received accreditation in the field of Leadership Coaching. Walt has been an adjunct instructor at Northern Virginia Community College.



Master facilitator, presenter and International Coach, ICF, PCC: Certified Consultant, Myers-Briggs, Competency Modeling, 360 Feedback, Performance Consulting, Organization Development (OD) & “Trainer , Human Resource Management, Customer Relations,, OD Tools and Strategist, Opposite Strengths Coach Emotional Intelligence coach, , Conflict Dynamic Profiler Personnel Organization Development & “Trainer Skill p, Strategic Human Resource Management, “Team Management Effectiveness”

Areas of Coaching Expertise Executive Coaching
Organizational Development
Leadership Coaching
Management Skills
Industry & Sector Experience Public Sector
Non Profit & Private Enterprises
Federal Government
Functional Experience Coaching/Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Organizational Development
Myers-Briggs, Compétence Modeling, 360 Feedbacks
Performance Consulting
Organisation Development (OD) & Trainer, Human Resource Management
Customer Relations, OD Tools and Strategist, Opposite Strengths Coach Emotional Intelligence coach
ICF Coaching Credential earned and first year received PCC, 2011
Other Coaching Credential Earned and Year Received George Washington University, Arlington, VA., Executive Leadership Coaching, 2005
Assessments and Certifications Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
International Coach Federation (ICF)
Certificate, Leadership Coaching
The George Washington University 2006 – 2007
Brain-Based Coaching Certificate
Hogan Assessment Certification
Education Master, Human Resource Development
Marymount University Jan 1990 – December 93
BS in Business Administration, Accounting, Business Communication, Organizational Behavior Strayer University, 1988 – 1991
Coaching Strengths My coaching strength is helping my clients uncover their areas of strengths and their areas needing attention in leadership. I utilize inquiry and dialogue techniques to gather important data; then I help the client use their data to uncover their developmental journey. I believe that my clients have the ability to develop and uncover their potential leadership skills. I help clients become more self-aware of their preferences and how those preferences affect their ability to influence others. At the core of coaching I believe that my clients have the answers to their dilemmas. My role is to help them explore these avenues; then eliminate what is unimportant and focus on what is important.
Overall Professional Experience For over 20 years Walt has provided a wide range of Organizational Development, Human Resources Development and Coaching interventions for both public, non-profit and private enterprises. Walt has been a coach since 1998 working with leaders in the US, Europe and South America. Walt has worked in several managerial positions in both the local and state government. In addition, he has held several senior management positions within Cable and Wireless (C&W), a multinational telecommunication company, based in the United Kingdom. Walt coached over 500 managers and leaders and has over 4,000 hours coaching.
Partial List of Past and Present Clientele (who received your coaching services) Department of Defense, 2016- present Accomplishment: I’ve coach SES candidates and Grade 15 leaders in interpreting 360 reports, designing and developing leadership development plans with actions steps.

Department of Transportation – 2012- present Accomplishment: I coached over (20), SES level/ candidates and Grade 14s and above with OPM Leadership 360 in identifying areas of strength and areas need improving in their ability to lead and influence others

Department of Agriculture Accomplishment: I coached SES candidate in developing an Individual development plan with actions steps

Department of Transportation, 2011-2013 Accomplishment: Coached five SES leaders with developing effective leadership skills

Relevant Experience and Expertise in Coaching for the Federal Sector and its Senior Level Executives Coached SES leaders, GS-15s and above with Department of Transportation, Home Land Security, DOD, CMS, FCC, USDA and DOT, Navy, USITC, VA, GSA, and OPM
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