The MOVE Technique to Unleash Your Success

  • Motivate Yourself
  • Open Your Mind to What You Want
  • Visualize Infinite Possibilities
  • Expect Success
Motivate Yourself
Stand and create for yourself a circle of success. To do this, envision a circle on the floor near where you stand. You might want to use your finger and draw it. Looking at your circle, remember a time when you felt incredibly powerful, happy, loved, or motivated. I want you to recall every detail of that specific memory. While you think of that time, go ahead and step into your circle. It might be a power circle, a love circle, or a motivation circle. Whatever positive feeling you want to re-create, do it. Take on the persona of the feelings you had. How did it look to be powerful, loved, or confident? Think about the way you walked, breathed, moved, and stood. I want you to step into your circle and embody success, power, confidence, and love for yourself.
Open Your Mind to What You Want
Your fifteen minutes of fame, celebrating your life and focusing on what it is you want, gives you the opportunity to see positive things each day you might not have been able to see. Many of us are used to focusing on what we don’t have. I suggest that you make a conscious choice to change your mind, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes and manifest more of what you want. If you spend your 15 minutes focusing on what you don’t want, you get more of that. If you spend it focusing on what you want, I guarantee you (you can call me if you don’t) that you will get more of that. What are those childhood dreams you are afraid to tell anyone? What would you do today if you became a millionaire? We must learn to use our energy to help us manifest and grow more of what we want. Train your mind to bring you positive things. Train your mind to bring you what you want. Use your 15 minutes of fame as an armor. Those 15 minutes, when used correctly, will protect your thoughts. Don’t forget the remaining 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day. After all, every 60 seconds, you still have to make a choice… I ask that you always choose to be positive and that you take control of your emotions.
Visualize Infinite Possibilities (VIPs)
After you figure out what you want, ask yourself what it will take to get it. Then, start to think about the benefits. If you make a million dollars tomorrow, what will happen? You’ll pay off some bills? Buy some things for your loved ones? What will those million dollars get for you? Get into the physiology or the feeling. There’s a great book called Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, and the author of that book spends much time describing how to get into the feeling of what you want. As you start to feel what you want, then you start to create the energy you need to start to get it done. So, what will “it” get for you? Go ahead and imagine yourself with “it.” What do you see? If it’s a trip to Cancun, go ahead and imagine yourself out on the beach. Picture yourself with the beautiful sand around you. See yourself parasailing. Visualize yourself snorkeling. Envision yourself having a massage on the ocean. Fantasize about doing whatever it is you want to do. See yourself in the picture. Now, step out of the picture. Step out of the picture, and see the picture without you in it. Those steps will help you bite the elephant. Once you get in the picture, you begin to move your spirit in that direction. When you then remove yourself, your mind suddenly needs to complete the picture—with you in it! You set in motion the energy needed to get the task done.
Expect Success
Use your 15 minutes to charge your batteries; renew yourself so you can give those 27 oranges, that love, those ideas, and whatever else you desire to give, to those you meet. Believe it is possible! You came to this Earth perfect, and you came to this Earth when you were called. The 15 minutes of fame allows you to appreciate what you already have inside you so that you can be even more successful than you already are. When I watched The Matrix, I thought about what it would mean for us to have the option of a red pill as opposed to a blue pill daily. When you take the red pill, you use your 15 minutes and learn to focus on what you want and manifest what you want. If you take the blue pill, you continue to have your life exactly as it is today. It’s your life. What pill will you take?

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