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Personality Matters Incorporated provides many services including coaching, leadership, and organizational development. It is Personality Matters, Inc.’s goal to help facilitate the necessary resources and tools to help individuals and organizations grow to achieve their goals. The work our consultants have contributed to companies via coaching and organizational development has helped them, in some cases, reach a $2.2 million turnaround, a 74% voluntary tunover decrease for the next two years, and improvment in job satisfaction and employee engagement.

Coaching Services

The Many Benefits of Coaching
The International Coaching Federation (ICF) reports that “Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.”

-International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Coaching Can Improve
  • Work Performance
  • Business Management
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Self Confidence
  • Communication
  • Life/Work Balance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • And Much More!
Executive and Leader Coaching
Executive and leadership coaching is used to help improve leadership effectiveness in executives through many approaches. The goal of executive and leadership coaching is to help the executives and leaders develop leadership styles, adjust to change, and ultimately improve organizational performance via coaching methods. Ultimately a coach will assess an executive or leaders problems by gathering data on that individual, give the executive feedback about how to improve deficiencies, coach them through improvement sessions, and then evaluate their progress.
Life Coaching
A life coach is an expert with knowledge of effective coaching and psychological practices who helps those in need make optimal decisions, reach desired objectives, overcome barriers, and facilitate effective solutions. Life coaching generally focuses on general objectives that help improve individual’s quality of life such as time managment, communication, life/work balance, job satisfaction and perfromance, and many other areas. The life coaching procedure is very similar to executive and leader coaching although the focus is generally different. Life coaching incorporates clarification of client’s short-term/long-term goals, identifying steps and helpful resources to achieve these goals and overcome barriers, and developing and monitoring progress towards an action plan that incoporates these steps and resources. The coach helps guide their client through life improvements while monitoring their success along the way.
Mentor Coaching
Mentor coaching provides future coaches the chance to develop their career utilizing the knowledge and expertise of an already accredited and pacticing coach. Individuals who seek a mentor coach to further progress in the field will be molded into strong coaches by further developing their coaching skills. Through the mentor coaching process, the coach will share their knowledge and experience with the individual to teach them about the fundamentals, useful techniques, barriers, and step to success for coaching. The mentor will practice active listening and questioning for clarification to help the individual make the best coaching decisions when the individual begins to practice coaching.
Coaching Courses
The coaching industry has become more lucrative in recent years. If you are interested in becoming a certified coach and help develop your coaching career, it’s time for you to become an ICF-certified coach! Course Benefits
  • Small and Intimate Classes
  • Examples of Real Coaching Experiences
  • Mentor Coaching Hours Provided
  • 120 Hours of Training
  • Certified NLP Coach Upon Completion
  • Qualified for ICF Associate Certified Coach Credidation Upon Completion Competitive Rates!
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Organizational Culture & Change Services

Leadership Development
Let’s face it, most leaders are not born, they are molded with precision until they can go out on their own and motivate while managing a group of followers to achieve a common goal. At least that is the general purpose of a leader. Since this is the case, leadership development is a focal point for many businesses who want to place above the competition. Personality Matters, Inc. uses data collection, training and development processes, and evaluation to build great leaders. This process allows the alignment of three components: a leader’s self-efficacy, ability to motivate others, and leadership skills needed to improve the organization.
Strategic Alignment
Do you remember your organization’s mission, vision and values? Perhaps the better question is: are you performing in a way that still reflects these values and goals today? Strategic alignment focuses on re-discovering, raising awareness, and aligning your organization to their original mission, vision, and values while amending old statements that have changed since then. Personality Matters, Inc. uses archival data and organizational assessments to analyze how much you, your leadership team, and your employees feel that your culture, mission, vision, and values has shifted in order to organize a strategic alignment meeting to develop more certainty.
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion is a huge topic that is overlooked today. Many places in the world face issues related this topic due to close-mindedness, lack of education, and lack of experience. Specifically, organizations need to be aware of ways to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace to raise an appropriate and functional culture let alone avoid litigation. Personality Matters Inc. would not be what it is today without its focus on diversity and inclusion not only in organizations, but in life. Through seminars, trainings, lunch-and-learns, classes, talks, and development workshops, Personality Matters Inc. strives to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion and how to use it to your advantage in life and the workplace.
Business Issues Place two new blurbs right next to each other: Diversity management Diversity can be a difficult thing to talk about, let alone measure and manage in an organization. In order to make an organization’s culture functional, trust, respect, conflict, communication, etc… must be managed at appropriate levels. It can be difficult to identify when your organization has a diversity issue and how to overcome this challenge. Signs of low diversity management
  • High conflict
  • Lack of communication
  • Micro aggressions
  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Inappropriateness
Strategic alignment Some phrases you may hear in your organization are: “Things just aren’t how they used to be”, “We really need to change this”, and/or “This isn’t where I thought our business would be”. Change and straying away from business goals happens from time to time. It is important to be aware of the change/stagnation, how it is perceived by everyone, and how to manage it further Signs of low strategic alignment
  • No vision or mission
  • Change is values
  • Lack of clarity
  • Low structure
  • Who’s on first
  • Low accountability
  • Miscommunication
Organizational Development
While many of the services above focus on the individual, organizational development services the whole organization. This service allows organizations to discover their potential by providing them with assistance to reach goals and reach organizational effectiveness. Organizational development services help organizations improve holisticly by conducting various organizational analyzes and applying improvement methods to increase organizational variables such as job satisfaction, improved organizational change, communication, and many more. Organizations who utilize this service also take away techniques to improve their business in the future if other issues arise.
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