Melonie B. Garrett, MCC, MSOD

Melonie Garrett

Melonie is a master certified coach (MCC) and organizational development consultant with over 20 years of outcome-based experience in leading organizations, providing business and life coaching for multi-cultural individuals and teams, organizational and leadership development and performance management.


Ms. Garrett serves as a powerful resource for leaders and their respective organizations, transforming leadership and organizational patterns of thinking and work practices that no longer serve the intent, goals or desired/needed outcomes. As a former executive of fortune 500 companies and as a business owner, she has first-hand experience in the various dimensions of executive leadership and the complexities facing leaders. Ms. Garrett’s leadership experiences allow her to customize her facilitation in a way that leverages real-world business application, yielding leadership agility, social astuteness, multi-cultural and generational competence, and breakthrough sustainable results.

Areas of Coaching Expertise Team-building, group coaching, dialogue and retreats.
ICF Coaching Credential earned and first year received Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation (2003)
Other Coaching Credential Earned and Year Received Leadership Coach, The Newfield Network – Undergraduate &, Graduate - 2000
Coaching Training Accomplished and Year Completed
  • ICF certified continuing coach education, minimum of 20 hours annually
  • Qualified Leadership Agility Coach – 2010
  • Qualified Public Conversations Project Dialog Facilitator, Watertown, MA - 2010
  • Qualified Diversity Dialog Facilitator, Christopher J. Metzler, Georgetown University - 2010
  • Qualified in Action Learning, Michael J. Marquardt, GWU – 2009
  • Qualified 360 Degree EQ Certified, Hay Group – 2005
  • Qualified Appreciative Inquiry, Federal Executive Institute (FEI) – 2004
  • Qualified Process Consulting, National Training Laboratory (NTL) – 1992
Assessments and Certifications
  • Qualified Youth & Family Grief Facilitator, Roberta's House Family Grief Support Center, 2015
  • Certified The Leadership Circle (TLC) Culture Survey – 2013
  • Certified The Leadership Circle (TLC) 360 – 2013
  • Certified WSSC Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) – 2013
  • Certified Stephen Ministry (Caregivers) Leader, Pittsburg, PA – 2006
  • Member of the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) Adjunct Faculty - 2003
  • Certified Leadership Coach, The Newfield Network – Undergraduate &, Graduate - 2000
  • Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - 1994
  • Certified Personnel Decisions International’s (PDI) PROFILOR ® 360 Feedback Tool – 1997
  • Certified Human Resources, University of Michigan – 1996)
  • M.S., Organizational Development, The American University, Wash, DC
  • B. S, Psychology, Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
Coaching Strengths
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Social Astuteness
  • Team Building
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Active Listening
  • Change Management
  • Collaboration and Influencing Skills
  • Leadership Presence
  • Group Coaching
  • Leadership Value Branding
  • Diversity & Inclusion/Multicultural Dialog
  • Somatic Learning
  • Mindfulness
Overall Professional Experience Ms. Garrett's career spans the telecommunications, finance, transportation, information technology, manufacturing, and hospitality industries. She has held senior leadership roles in Information Technology, Customer Quality Management, Leadership Development, and Human Resources (HR). She has coached organizations on defining and transforming work-cultures, strategic planning, diversity of thought for innovation, business process engineering, strategic diversity, competency modeling, designing and facilitating Senior Leadership Development Programs, leadership retreats, and other large-scale change initiatives. Her experience is drawn extensively from her various corporate leadership positions, innovation in dialogue learning, somatic learning from The Newfield Network, mentor-coaching, and from several partner networks in the field of coaching and organizational development.
Partial List of Past and Present Clientele (who received your coaching services)
  • ATG Coaching & Consulting, LLC Glenn Dale, MD - President - Individual & Organizational Capacity Building Coach & Consultant 1999-Present
  • Executive Coach – Howard County Public Schools, Georgetown University, WMATA, MVA, NPS, FRB, Treasury, NASA, Fannie Mae, Columbia Bank, DOT, Federal Occupational Health
  • NIH, EPA, DHS, DOE and DOD Senior Executive Services (SES) Candidate Development Program – Federal Executive Institute (FEI)
  • Organizational Learning & Development Group Leader – Rockwell Automation, Bell Atlantic (BA)
  • Organizational Consulting: Action Learning, and Leadership Development – NASA, FAA, DOD, NIH, Howard County Public School
  • Organization and Human Capital Assessment Gap Closure – HHS – CMS, OAH, & OWH, EPA, PHH Vehicle Services, Baltimore’s Shock Trauma Center, Fannie Mae
Relevant Experience and Expertise in Coaching for the Federal Sector and its Senior Level Executives Ms. Garrett leads cohort Action Learning Teams, serves as lead coach and coaches each member individually. She helps to design and deliver program elements, providing leadership tools, practices, observations and personal and organizational transformation strategies. Ms. Garrett helps the team and individuals achieve goals, work through team development challenges, design development goals, resumes, and career plans for shadowing, a four-month detail assignment, and helps them manage the transitions to new and retooled careers. She helps the team successfully complete Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) that focus on ECQ development and the SES CDP application process and certification.

Ms. Garrett provides coach-facilitator services to SES Group Directorates to interpret Human Capital Survey Results and develop action plans to close the gaps and reengage the staff. She designs and facilitates team building and group coaching sessions to accept the feedback results, prioritize, enhance the emotional intelligence of leadership, creating intentional motivated work culture, collaboration, and measurable actions to sustain results. She facilitates work culture changes, applying consultative and business leader experience and analysis, helping organizations and leaders become more agile and resilient through intentionally creating the necessary elements of a culture that more align with the vision, mission, and value brand of the organization.

Phone: 410-975- 9751

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