L’ Lorenzo Seabrook, MBA, PCC, CTPC

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L’ Lorenzo Seabrook, MBA, PCC, CTPC 

Overview. L’Lorenzo works with managers and leaders in the areas of leader development and team performance. He specializes in coaching, facilitation, and training services. Professional coaching is a natural fit as it complements his diverse and mature military background of developing leaders and shaping outcomes for over two decades. L’Lorenzo is known in the Intelligence, Special Forces, and Information Technology community as a leader and an outstanding team builder who conveys unvarnished perspectives, resulting in positive leadership actions and effective results.


L’Lorenzo has coached senior leaders and managers from corporate and government. He has coached senior managers and directors from Freddie Mac’s Direct program, Coca-Cola, several small businesses, managing partners in law firms, state political candidates, the Undergraduate Staff at the Smith Business School, University of Maryland, University College, in College Park Maryland, and Arlington County leaders. He is often requested to extend coaching services for select senior employees as a result of his impact and commitment to their progress. Additionally, L’Lorenzo has provided services to the federal government, including retired Flag Officers, Chiefs of Staffs, Deputy Executive Assistant Commissioners, Senior Executive Services candidates, and other senior civilian employees in several agencies including: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Department of Justice, the Smithsonian, the Department of State, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Security Agency, and U.S. Department of Agriculture. He uses practical experiences, perspective, and humor in his approach. His coaching style often leads towards a positive impact for organizational effectiveness wherein he effectively builds trust and morale while managing each individual’s expectation. Clients have cited that, “L’Lorenzo provides a very open and relaxed coaching session, making it quite easy to share and engage.” Participants from the Smith Business School have cited, “L’ Lorenzo creates a safe environment in which people felt free to open up and share their thoughts/opinions. We felt empowered to suggest ways of doing things differently to accomplish our goals.” L’Lorenzo is known as a trusted advisor who provides candid and intimate feedback while stepping into positions of strength and getting to the heart of the matter. L’Lorenzo was recognized by the Dean of the Smith Business School for his continuous work, from 2015 thru 2019, as a coach who directly contributed to the success of the CBP Leadership Institute Program (CBP LI). CBP LI was awarded the 2016 DHS Human Capital Award for Professional Excellence in Learning and Development and in 2017, Outstanding Human Performance Intervention award from the International Society of Performance. Some of his areas of expertise include: Leadership – with over 25 years developing individuals, Employee development – facilitating and supporting the professional growth of others, and Effective communications – teaching leaders the perspective and benefits of being an effective communicator.


L’Lorenzo is a dynamic trainer and facilitator. He has developed and implemented just-in-time leadership and team training where organizational members participate in an immersive learning environment that is designed to: close the new hire’s knowledge gap from the unknown and known, increase employee engagement between supervisors and direct reports, and align empowered, middle-managers with senior leader’s organizational vision and objectives. His efforts often lead to organizational culture shift(s) that can realized over time.



Education and Credentials • Mission Critical Team Development Program – Mission Critical Team Institute
• Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership
• Leading Change and Organizational Renewal – Harvard Business School
• Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, Executive Leadership Coaching
• US Army Sergeant’s Major Academy Graduate
• Negotiation for Senior Executives, Harvard Law School
• Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Situations - Harvard Law School
• BA Management / Human Resource Management
Certifications: • Professional Certified Coach - International Coaching Federation,
• Certified Team Performance Coach - Team Coaching International
• Success through Observer Action Results (SOAR) Facilitator - Chalmers Brothers
• DISC and 12 Driving Forces and Motivators Certified – Targeted Training International
• Mediation Certificate – Mediators Without Borders Institute
• Hogan Assessment and Advanced Feedback Certified
- Personality Inventory – HOGAN
- Development Survey – HOGAN
- Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory – HOGAN
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