Representational system

Preference Test

For each of the following statements, please select the most appropriate response in your view from the drop-down.
1. I make important decisions based on:  
  Gut level feelings
  Which way sounds the best
  What looks best to me
  Precise review and study of the issues
2. During an argument, I am most likely to be influenced by:
  The other person’s tone of voice
  Whether or not I can see the other person’s point of view
  The logic of the other person’s argument
  Whether or not I am in touch with the other person’s true feelings
3. I most easily communicate what is going on with me by:
  The way I dress and look
  The feelings I share
  The words I choose
  My tone of voice
4. It is easiest for me to:  
  Find the ideal volume and tuning on a stereo system
  Select the most intellectually relevant point in an interesting subject
  Select the most comfortable furniture
5. aaaaaIt is easiest for me to:  
  Select rich, attractive color combinations
  I am very attuned to the sounds of my surroundings
  I am very adept at making sense of new facts and data
  I am very sensitive to the way articles of clothing feel on my body
  I have a strong response to colors and to the way a room looks

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