Client Testimonials

Our business is built on our clients’ feedback. Hear directly from them how our coaching and development services have improved their organizations and made an impact on their lives.  

Melanie Dewberry Jones, Coach. Speaker. Author.

“After meeting with Dr. Cherry privately I landed 3 paid speaking opportunities within 24 hours. Don’t hire her if you don’t want positive change – she delivers nothing else but that! My initial meeting with Dr. Cherry was over the phone. I, an experienced coach and seeker of personal and professional expansion, was in a panic. I needed help fast. Dr. Cherry loves a challenge and within 2 hours of NLP coaching she deleted several limiting believes that were creating obstacles to my business, wealth creation and personal interactions. I loved her caring, daring and knowledgeable approach so much I hired to do a private NLP Practitioner training in California for some of the top Bay Area Executive Coaches. Don’t be fooled by her youthful appearance – she is the holder of great wisdom, a brilliant mind and immense personal power. My time and money investment are already paying me back.”

John W. Fowler, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

“I want to thank you for bringing to the surface the potential within me and assisting me in overcoming fears related to flying. Your spiritual gift has blessed me with strategies and tactics to create winning results both personally and professional. It is not too often that one can find instant harmony with a complete “stranger”; you and I have culminated such a relationship—for this again, I say thank you! For anyone willing to become transparent to receive the blessings delivered by your works, I am confident of the impact that they can make.”

Christine Belknap, HR Director at NCR Corporation

“We selected Dr. Cherry to speak at two different events for Georgia-Pacific. She is a passionate and driven person, who works diligently and tirelessly to meet her client’s needs. We received overwhelmingly positive comments from Dr. Cherry’s sessions. She reached the audience in a unique and powerful way to help them “Move Out of Their Own Way” to achieve career and life success.”

Daryl Killian, Multi Media Account Manager/Radio Show Host

“I was transformed into a believer about two weeks ago when I read one of your MOVE e-mails. It encouraged me to follow along and imagine myself where I wanted to be. After reading your e-mail and following the exercises, I landed the largest sale of my 16 year automotive career. But it didn’t stop there. For the next three days, I sold and delivered a car a day (something that I had never experienced before). I want to thank you for the message, it not only motivated me that day, but continues to motivate me everyday.”

Andrea Bauer, Executive and Career Development Coach at Andrea Bauer Consulting

“I’ve always been curious about NLP and I’m so happy I chose to take the accelerated NLP practitioner training taught by Dr. Cherry. A bundle of energy and inspirational – she makes NLP fun and easy to learn. As a coach, certified through CTI, I’ve already been able to put NLP to work with my corporate clients, and see it as a significant addition to my coaching tool kit. Next up – Time Line Therapy – taught again by Dr. Cherry! That says it’s all, doesn’t it?”

Philis Wilson, Life Coach and Owner of PH Balance

“I highly recommend Dr. C’s coaching program because this program equips you in becoming a better coach, develop your skills/abilities to assist your clients in areas of their lives.As a graduate of the program it has personally enhanced my life in areas that I would not have considered developing.Thank you Dr.C for helping me to grow and develop into a better coach.”

Kathy Payton, Owner/CEO of Aspire Consulting Group & RGV Biz Pro

“Dr.C’s coaching program will enhance every aspect of your Life and Career. I have found that I use my NLP knowledge and techniques in everything I do. I’ve wondered daily at how different my life has been since the years I trained with Dr.C. Not only is my life greatly enhanced, but so are the lives of 100’s of clients, acquaintances, and family. It has allowed me to work at something I love and am passionate about. I love helping people. My time with the great Dr. C set me on a journey of exploration, learning, personal development, and tremendous growth. NLP knowledge helps me to see people and Life in a whole new light. I truly believe that NLP has allowed me to successfully do the work that I know God has called me to do. I thank God and Dr C every time someone says “Thank You for showing me how to move forward, and how to be happy, and to live again.”

Linda Brydie, Phillip Morris

“Dr. Cherry Collier is one of the most phenomenal people that I’ve ever met… one can’t help but be transformed by her powerful messages.”
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