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Personality Matters Incorporated is a consulting organization that specializes in various types of coaching, organizational and team development. These are services that are integrated in the field of organizational psychology used to help businesses and individuals meets their most desired achievements. Additionally, the benefits that occur from these services are vast and important in helping organizations perform at the top of their potentia


Personality Matters, Inc. strives to help people improve and maximize their potential by identifying the competencies to empower people to move forward and by encouraging self-awareness so that they can change.


Personality Matters, Inc.’s dream is to help develop a workforce with skilled personnel that will bring their best selves to work. Their best selves include their best value and communication that extends to their work, family, and community. In essence, Personality Matters, Inc. would like workforces build better people who are empowered and will change the world so that those workforces will also independently be able to empower and inspire others.


Personality Matters, Inc.’s values include: –  Performance –  Engagement –  Open mindedness –  Passion –  Leadership –  Empowerment –  Continuous Learning –   Improvement

Dr. Cherry

Dr. Cherry A. Collier, is a Business Consultant, Life Coach, and International Speaker that is often seen on TV and heard on the radio. She spent over 15 years developing her mastery with a Ph.D. and Masters of Science from the University of Georgia in the field of Applied Social Psychology. She has worked with numerous fortune 500 companies and colleges: including the Coca Cola Company, SunTrust, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and The U.S. Army to name a few. She is the author of “Move Out of Your Own way”, 8 Simple Moves to an Extreme Attitude Makeover, and coauthor of How to be a Super Achiever and Mission Possible with Dr. Steven Covey and Brian Tracey. Dr. Cherry is also a certified trainer and master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), She is certified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator, DISC, Hermann Brain Dominance Inventory, True Colors Behavior Assessment, is a certified SHRM generalist, and has received extensive coaching and leadership training including Coachville, TTI, Corporate U and is a graduate of The Coaches Institute (CTI). Dr. Cherry specializes in organizational and leadership development as well as executive, leader, life, and mentor coaching to maximize human performance and organizational effectiveness. Dr. Cherry created team building interventions for many of her clients and led the change management and implementation strategies while empowering leadership competencies, and increasing employee morale and productivity, internally for employees, and externally to clients through consulting engagements. She has been a professional speaker and consultant for many years and has shifted towards the consulting and executive coaching applied focus to facilitate change where change is needed. Her vision is to inspire a workforce that will want to bring their best value and communication to their work, family and community. She would like to build a world full of these people who also desire motivating others to instill the same values in order to create the best world possible.

Derek McMullen

Derek McMullen, M.S., is an Executive Coach and Vice President of Consulting Services at Personality Matters, Inc. He graduated with a Masters of Science degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando in the field of Industrial & Organizational Psychology in 2015 and with his Bachelors of Arts with departmental honors in Psychology and a minor in Leadership Studies at his Alma mater at The University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2013. He has contributed towards and researched leadership, organizational and general behavior, management, and social psychology on five different studies and 10 posters, presentations, and publications. Derek has been a practitioner in the area of organizational development for 2 years using various applications, tools, and theories like the MBTI®, FIRO-B®, StrengthsFinder 2.0®, The Human Element®, Simon Sinek’s Start with Why theory, Patrick Lencioni’s Overcoming the Five Dysfunctions of a Team model, and has received various degrees of coaching and leadership training. Derek McMullen specializes in organizational and leadership development as well as executive, leader, and life, coaching to maximize human performance and organizational effectiveness. He has created team evaluating, aligning, and team building interventions for many of his clients via organizational assessments, data interpretation, intervention designs, workshop facilitations, coaching, and follow-up. He also specializes in training, instructional design via eLearning and/or facilitations, and organizational change. Derek’s focus on organizational developing consulting and executive coaching comes from a desire to develop leaders and teams to engage in high performance that can only be achieved through focus and maintenance of leadership styles and team processes. His vision is to inspire anyone to become self-aware of and learn how to apply their strengths and overcome their fears thus resulting in expressing their capability and desire to bring their best selves to their work, family and community. Overall, Derek would like to help foster change where change is needed in order to inspire progressive thought processes, openness, growth mindsets, and overall satisfaction.
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